Charlottesville, VA | New York, NY
I like to keep an open mind, stay curious, and be the positive voice in the room. I bring high-energy and a touch of fun to everything I do - work, watercolor, or just telling a good story.
If I had to only pick three...

Designing for Good

I love to create solutions that target function, form, and the core of user’s needs. Drawing from psychology, cognitive science, and research, I work to understand the spoken and unspoken needs of users, crafting experiences that are as intuitive as they are beautiful.

Health & Wellness

I spent a decade finding my way through a medical maze, fighting against being told everything was “normal,” when things most definitely were not. It’s now my dream to give back and help others - whether that be in health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, or mental health.

Staying Curious

Growing up, I always loved school and learning. It gave me new ways to look at the world and connect with others around me. I try to continue embracing that spirit by reading books with topics I might not typically choose or nerding out on podcasts like RadioLab.
Just For fun
The me outside of work
Two watercolor paintings I made - one of a black stingray and the other a green and blue turtle
A photo while hiking Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ where I was posing near the edge of the trail. It's zoomed out with lots of red rocks surrounding the view
A cake I baked with raspberries and blackberries on top
professional background


Began college at the University of Virginia, majoring in Cognitive Science 💭 (concentration in Computer Science 💻 ) and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship 📈


Worked at UVA's Social Neuroscience Lab 🧪 🧠 🔬

I helped collect data for two very cool stress studies, but most importantly, here's where I discovered the world of UX!


🎨 Hired as a UX Design Intern at a local Charlottesville company, Cierant Cooperation.


Worked as a Junior UX Designer at Cierant, part-time during the school year and full-time during breaks.

Learned fundamentals for wireframing, prototyping, requirement gathering, and design library skills

Stopped in December 2019 to enjoy the final semester of college  🎉


Graduated with a 3.82 from the University of Virginia 🎓
... and of course, the start of the pandemic 😢

JULY 2020

Started work at LookThink as an Information Architect & Frontend Developer 💼

My role on projects focused primarily on the underlying UX structures, the way UX and UI work together, and the fundamentals of research and testing.

Take a look at my project for AIGA as an example of the work I did that year.

I also defined new internal workflows around QC, requirement writing, and testing 💃


📱 Served as the lead UX designer, researcher, and frontend developer (React Native) for a startup’s mobile app’s alpha, beta, and first launch phases.

DEC 2021

Promoted to Lead UX Designer & Frontend Developer ✨

Became a company leader in accessibility and user research, providing both internal training and external webinars.


AUG 2022

Acquired by Whereoware

Designed and built (ReactJS & TSX) both the admin system and end user experience for the League of Women Voter's Vote411 ballot web app 🗳️

Led the frontend architecture strategy on two custom Salesforce Lightning Web Component products (for Marriott and Arabella) 🏨 💰

Created reusable design libraries 📚 in code and helped clients enhance their systems in an iterative approach, making progress more achievable 🔁


Designing for personalized safety 👷

Implementing in Drupal a new CMS and website for Colorado's state parks 🏞️

Rebrading & designing a website for a recycling ♻️ and construction 🚧 company

What's next?

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